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    HELPR, I alert my relatives in case of emergency

    Fast, efficient, ultra accessible. An application of connected health for emergency. One Tap, One App !

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  • Health book

    I assist several elderly and dependant persons aroud my place

    Uniker Helpr allows me to be reactive and have a constant watch on the needs of the persons I help

  • Uniker Be better treated

    Uniker will give everyone access to the best health and social care.

    User friendly and designed to give everyone access to the best care and allow them to monitor and maintain their health and medical details. It ease my life. It is Paperless and connecting everyone.

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Alert and warn everyone fast without forgetting anyone (circle of trust).

Uniker Helpr allows you to automate the first contact with the people grouped inside natural circle of trust. It sends an alert and contacts them according to a predefined and automated procedure. Uniker Helpr relieves you of the contact action in situations of stress. In those situations, the state of mind is not optimal and clear. Focus is tedious.

In case I have an accident, or I need help, I panic. Time is lacking to supply relevant information. It is necessary to get phone numbers, to forget no one and especially resourceful persons.

Without Uniker Helpr

  • In the urgency, panicked I do not think necessarily of all the useful people. 
  • I call the first person of whom I think.
  • The called person is busy, she does not hear my call, and do not answer. 
  • I waste precious time. This loss can subsequently cause damageable aftereffects.

With Uniker Helpr 

  • All the people are alerted at the same time. 
  • I forget nobody. I increase my chances to be helped.
  • I save valuable time. The most important or the most available person who can take action fast is automatically called.

Unifier circle of trust


 Provide the maximum of useful and exact Intel in shortest lapse of time. 

In a situation of distress and emergency, it is vital to provide all the useful and relevant information aimed at the right person, without any omission and the fastest. 

Multiplied by the number of rescuers it makes a huge amount of information to be transmitted and shared in a very short amount of time.

Without uniker Helpr 

  • I repeat. I try to remember. I risk forgetting it. 
  • Invaluable minutes can be lost and can cause grave consequences.

With Uniker Helpr 

  • My actions are multiplied in an automated way. 
  • The relevant parts of my medical record are transmitted. 
  • The help can better coordinated.

Be prepared and raise the proper questions.

In case of emergency or need of help, having rehearsed the action-reactions, knowing what behavior to adopt is determining. Rehearsals, simulations are an asset to go through the urgency in the best conditions. Insurances are often taken.

However training and preparation of the person and all the people of its circle of trust are decisive and are too often ignored.

Without uniker Helpr 

  • Carelessness. Improvisation and insufficient help due to the lack of planning. 
  • To help others is difficult and is too much responsibility to bare. We do not dare to ask or accept. It is hard to accept for a person and be a sole recourse. The responsibility is too heavy. 
  • Unsuitable rescue and slow to deploy. 
  • Loss of time. Useful relevant information is not provided to rescuers.

With Uniker Helpr 

  • We become aware of stakes and we anticipate them. 
  • We ask ourselves the right questions and get ready in advance because once the need or the urgency appear it is already too late.
  • The responsibility is distributed and duty is balanced between more people. So it becomes easier to accept.

Unifier - be prepared rescue 

Proximity and surrounding aid at the first minutes are decisive. 

In order to take advantage of a convenient help on behalf of a person nearby can save a life. The proof in the current news. On Saturday, May 28, 2016 thunderstorms burst in Paris and 11 people are struck by the lightning. A fireman was a hero. Near the place of the accident, he was able to lavish the first gestures and has to avoid heavy consequences.

Without uniker Helpr 

  • Reliable circle does not have the emergency skills necessarily.
  • Loss of the first minutes before arrival of the help.

With Uniker Helpr 

  • people nearby can in a opportunist way help and avoid heavy consequences Widens the possibilities the number of nobody being able to help

joining hands 


To know the location resources nearby (like defibrillators) and how to access it  in the case of urgency can be very useful. We took the example of the defibrillators which is most speaking but we will add it of other relevant intel according suggestions.

Without Uniker Helpr 

  • In case of emergency, in the first minutes we are "lost" 
  • What person should be called ? 
  • No knowledge if there is a decisive resource close to the location? 
  • Once the known location, how get to it and its access (especially in the evening, weekend and holidays)

With Uniker Helpr 

  • Immediate access to the right information 
  • No time is wasted
  • The route to reach the resource is guided and assisted by the map and the GPS

Uniker GPS geolocalization

Medical record for emergency 

According to the health of the person, it is interesting to indicate the precautions to be taken during the care to avoid the complications. 

For example, rare diseases or rare syndromes, relevant allergies (ex: allergies to iodine), histories or a particular treatment.

Without uniker Helpr 

  • If the person is in a state of shock, the communication is not easy. 
  • On its arrival on the location, rescue cannot anticipate bringing the adequate device or the adapted treatment. It can show itself fatal. 
  • Notion of avoidable grave incident

With Uniker Helpr 

  • The medical history is provided and sent 
  • The precautions to be taken are visible on the GPS map for all rescuers
  • Rescue can prepare the intervention in a most optimal way according to the passed on information



Rescue teams simple coordination but very effective 

Sharing information during a rescue op, which is on the way. What are the informations? Have of a kind of handrail.

Without uniker Helpr 

  • Each person intervenes but has no information about the progress of others 
  • The simultaneous phone calls to the person can pointlessly congestion the telephone line.

With Uniker Helpr 

  • Every participant is identified and his position located on the map in real time
  • The exchanges between the various rescuers are shared in real time 
  • The coordination done in real time

Uniker care ring


Mutual aid, new practices

The use of this application can help new innovative endeavors to arise. For example, in development countries access to healthcare, paramedical care, medication is an issue.

For example, expatriate communities can help for a visitor on vacation who has a shortage of medication.

Native in need of help can broadcast a request for help which can  be accepted by retired doctors or nurses.


Unifier new usage i for health


 Primary goal

Thanks to your help in this campaign for Uniker Helpr on Kickstarter, we can continue to improve and extend the usability and the services of the existing application for iPhone. 

The objective being to allow you to make alerts most easily and as fast as possible with the most relevant information and to get you the maximum of help if necessary.

Your help will also allow us to propose the version 2 of Uniker Helpr for Android. We need it to accelerate the development the Android application.

The objective is to make help and aid available on all devices in order to maximize rescue on all the situations and avoid dramatic or difficult consequences.


Why we need a Kickstarter ?

Our project has its foundation upon personal freedom and the ensuring of the privacy. We are deeply against the trade and the reselling of private data. We are against financing our activities by commercial which will  sooner or later involves a resale of user's information. That is why we ask you to support us financially to be independent.

Our economic model is based on the individual and the property of the information by every person. So the best and natural way of financing is by its user. By you. The buyer is inevitably the sole owner.


Stages of the project

In July August: at the delivery of the campaign funds from Kickstarter we will begin of the development of the version 2 Android of Uniker Helpr.

We will improve the user experience for the version Android and level the of the medical information for the urgency Uniker Helpr and the health record.

We will make and integrate short video for emergency protocols, first aid gestures, instructions according to condition. Those movies will be played looped on the mobile  phone at the end of the alert.


October, 2016. Secure sharing of the information within the persons of the circle of trust. Users only private key encryption will be applied for a user only base authorization. 

Extension of the inventory of the medical equipment  which can be useful in case of emergency. For example, the defibrillators.



When can you get your fingers on Uniker Helpr complete version ?

Uniker Helpr for all mobiles is still gestating. It will be available in 2016 thanks to crowdfunding.

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